A.I. mimics human conversational tones so your prospect actually responds, conversates & schedules.

Ready to....

Here's How It Works

We Jump on A Call

We find out more about your business and determine if we're a fit to work together or not. If not, no worries, everyone isn't for everyone. If it is, you make payment and we continue with game plan.

The Game Plan

We work with your team to understand your company's unique voice and premium service offerings. Then we devise the game plan. We'll give you access to training so you can start to learn how to manage your new employee and the engine

The Brief

We meet again to show you our game plan. You make sure everything is good and approve. If not we make tweaks, and resubmit.


Now we run some tests to make sure you have the a handle on things. We want to make sure you're ready, because once the leads are in your engine - they're going to be flying back with responses and getting booked at a rapid rate with your automated follow up system scheduling calls right to your calendar.

It goes live

Now we stomp the gas on the engine and go! Your leads will get followed up with and booked onto your calendar automatically

Analytics & Optimization

We will meet weekly for 4 weeks. Each time optimizing the engine a little better, make sure you're training the engine properly, and things are connected the right way.

What's next?

You continue to enjoy your new 3Finity Engine until it produces too many calls and you need to turn it off.